Business happens not only face to face, but also in the Internet, especially in this evolving technical world. It is more advantageous for businesses to get involved in social media. Some people’s lifestyle isn’t complete without social media. There are many operating venues that you can choose from, such as Instagram.

Instagram has hundreds of millions of users. It offers a wide range of possible customers. Therefore, it is a big opportunity to boost sales from. It is no longer new to businessmen using this strategy, but you can still chase the trend and start yours now.


Ways to use Instagram for your business:

   1     Organize photos to be posted

It is very important to first think what, when or how you will post photos in your Instagram account. Some users have their own way of doing so.

Instagram’s gallery organizes photos in 3 columns only. You may upload first a dress and it will be posted on the right column of the gallery. Secondly, you may upload a blouse and it will be posted on the center column. Lastly, you may upload another dress and it will be posted on the left column of the gallery.

You may also plan on the adjustments of your photos’ resolution. It may be all black and white, bright, or a little bit sharp. Instagram has a user-friendly feature that allows you to adjust its brightness and sharpness and allows you to add filters. Use filters in a uniform way so that they do not annoy viewers. By this, your account will appear organized and pleasing to the eyes of your customers.


   2     Use hashtags

This has been a trend in social media. This is a helpful tool in promoting your business and narrowing your market into targeted ones.

Hashtags are words or phrases that have number sign in front of it. These express messages. For example, if your business is about healthy foods, you may use #healthylife, #healthyliving or even #healthiswealth.

If hashtags are used well, they will stay in the minds of the customers.


   3     Ask for suggestions

A very helpful way of improving your business is to ask for suggestions directly from your customers. What you can do with this is to post a photo portraying a layout that relays your theme and ask suggestions from customers (As you can see, it is always about planning the photo being incorporated with the theme). Put in the description your way of encouraging customers to comment below their suggestions about next products design/new ways of services they would like to buy/experience.


   4     Conduct photo contests

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing social media, you can conduct photo contests and get your business promoted.

How? You must first create a layout of a picture that fits your contest’s theme to attract contestants. Second, post it at a time wherein you think your customers are online. Third, ask entrants to use a specific hashtag that your business usually uses when posting. Fourth, construct photo descriptions well and inform contestants about the prize to be won.

By this, many Instagram users will be excited to join and would even ask their friends to do so. Your business will then be slowly known. But be careful. Why? Failure to entice customers to join is usually rooted in failure to plan the activity.


   5     Use it for more promotional activities

There are many promotional activities that are happening in Instagram. Some are already mentioned above. You may also do:

  • Draw lots
  • Blogging
  • Discounts
  • Sale


Using Instagram for your business is essential, especially when you are still starting. It provides a lot of opportunities. It helps you promote your products or services at a low cost. Just remember the tips above and plan very well.