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Shari Karney, Esq. - Attorney at Law, Producer

Karina is incredible! If you want to build your brand contact her TODAY! She is bold, brave, charming while still being professional. Karina is talented at PR, and reaching out and contacting the right person for your project or needs as well as a social media guru. With her positive ``can-do`` attitude she won't stop until it is! A sunny personality, combined with hard work, follow- through and guts is a magic combination. We call her the ``person whisperer.``

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Stephen Danz - Senior Partner at Stephen Danz & Associates

Karina Social has been our sole provider of social media marketing for over two years and we have been highly pleased with her attention to our account, creative placement and proactive suggestion of ideas. Karina and her staff have reached out to me personally numerous times to advise me of a specific, potential client who has mentioned us on social media. I would not hesitate to recommend her, especially to someone like me, who is not familiar with the nuances of social media and the multiple channels she has complete mastery of. Thank you Karina!

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Laura Gelles

Karina is amazing! If you want to build your business and have fun doing it, contact her NOW! Don't hesitate! She's a marketing guru.... and social media is just one of her skills. She'll plan your event too. Everything I've observed her being a part of has been successful -- because she won't stop until it is!!

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Melissa Ibarra

Karina was a pleasure to work with. I had no problem getting a quick response from her and her team when I had questions. She runs her business on customer service and it is shown through her actions. Karina Social helped improved my standing on social media and we are more involved with users than ever before. Karina will always try to work with you and understands your needs. Thank you Karina! It has been a pleasure.

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Idalis De Leon

Karina Carrero is simply marketing lead generating wizard! She worked on our marketing needs tirelessly and was relentless when it came to problem solving.It seems securing new clients drives her actually turns her on, and we just loved that! What I really loved as well is that she comes up with out of the box ideas we could have never ever thought of, and manages to tap into a well, of leads and undiscovered resources.

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Carissa Gallardo

Karina is fabulous to work with. I had no idea where to start and Karina was able to take over and create a great website that's professional and inviting. She was also very responsive to my edits and questions. I definitely recommend Karina!

Maria M Zeledon

Karina Social is an outstanding business. Full of passion, focus, creativity and business acumen, Karina is a seasoned leader of leaders, able to develop others, strategize with executives, organize multiple tasks and partner with vendors.