Public Relations


 The principle of public relations can be vague or undefined to most people. Public relations services are developed to help your business become the subject of conversation between the media and your projected customers. People are less inclined to trust advertising over a good referral. Excellent referrals is basically what public relations services do.


I work closely with a full service Orange County public relations agency specializing in building consumer brands through media relations and publicity. They help turn start-ups into national name brands. Their media contacts are deep in fashion, lifestyle, packaged goods, baby products, health, action sports, hi-tech.


The core concepts behind every effective public relations agency are focused around effective and compelling facts and stories. As your public relations specialists our job is to help you;


As your public relations specialists our job is to help you;


■    Identify your unique compelling story

■    Create an image for your brand/company

■    Clarify your story

■    Have your story delivered to the right channels

■    Give it to the people who can take your story to places

■    Create partnerships with the media


Friends in the media will help us take your brand front and center.




How are public relations defined, and where can you get them? In the past, PR was restricted to radio, television, and print. Today, you may add the entire online world to your PR list, in a very large and meaningful way. Our approach to public relations is to take advantage of the conversations that interest people and the topics already being discussed.


While we may still employ traditional approaches or you may prefer to have your brand placed in traditional media, we will focus on giving emphasis to new media for your brand marketing. A great portion of purchase decisions are made because of new media influence on a daily basis (a third of dining decisions made by homemakers are taken because of the blogs they find online). There is a whole new world of social media with enormous potential to create exciting new opportunities for storytelling.




Karina Social is expertly positioned and well-experienced to help you define, identify, and create your best story, and make people excited to hear more about your brand.


Most clients come to public relations agencies for reputation management and media relations. As data-driven PR specialists, we guarantee the media relations success that best fits your brand objectives. Services include social media.


Karina Social focuses on areas that are designed to raise each client’s brand, sales, and long-term bottom-line results. Together with each client, we implement proactive, powerful, and passionate public relations efforts. We offer a comprehensive array of integrated marketing services to meet the specific demands of each client.


Our clients come to us for timely reports with praise-worthy results. Our expertise in the field is enhanced with smart, creative, and resourceful traits. We thrive when overcoming challenges or creating new strategies to help our clients succeed.



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