Press Release

Karina Social Celebrates Success

Los Angeles, CA: Karina Social, a young PR film that specializes in worthy causes, announced that it is celebrating the triumph of its client, renowned attorney Shari Karney, who is famous for passing Shari’s Bill in 1991 to extend the Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse in California. Though unheard of at the time, the Bill was proposed to be passed in other forty states.

After a decades-long fight to expand protection of the rights of women and children, Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law (SB 813) on 28  September 2016 to eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for victims of rape, sexual assault and continuous child sexual abuse. The Bill also gives victims the justice they so desperately seek and have too long been deprived of in California. Ms. Karney’s battle isn’t over yet, however. She still wants to eliminate both the criminal and civil statute of limitations nationwide.

About Karina Social: is a Public Relations Firm that specializes in Branding and Social Media with sub-divisions in Content Creation and Events Planning. The Firms approach is modern, dynamic, and non-conformist. Described as a PR guru and a maverick, founder Karina Carrero delivers where many others have failed thanks to her bubbly personality, drive for success and energy, and the behind the scenes talent she has been savvy enough to surround herself with. Founded in 2014, Karina Social continues to design, produce, and deliver flawless Branding for her most demanding clients.