Influencer Marketing

Why do we use Influencers and how do we find them?

Depending on the number of followers the prices will vary. Some will do a post in exchange for the product where others will ask for some payment.
Ultimately, influencer marketing will boil down to one thing at the end of the day, relationships. Getting the ball rolling can be as simple as reaching out, introducing yourself and your service, meeting them face to face, shaking their hand and chatting about how you can create alignment between your business goals and their goals.


The most time-consuming aspect of influencer marketing is the negotiation with each influencer and determining the best use of the service and message. The most significant benefit is these influencers sometimes create your best content that you can use on other platforms and DR outreach.


influencers/ambassadors – focus on quality rather than quantity. Karina Social will identify 4-5 influencers to create positive content. We would recommend at least 50% of content be video. This video would be used and re-purposed for content on the site, on you tube and on all social channels. We would also ask for quotes to given and leveraged with the posts by the company. (additional budget would be needed for influencers once they are identified. Karina Social would negotiate packages)