Facebook Retargeting

This is a niche area of Facebook marketing and focuses specifically on retargeting ads to your websites existing traffic. This is used specifically to make sales to customers who have browsed your website but for whatever reason have decided not to make a purchase. (We are even able to exclude people who have made already made a purchase by setting up the ads so that they don’t target people who have visited the ‘make a purchase/thank you for shopping’ pages)

What we need:

  1. Access to your business Facebook advertising account
  2. An advertising budget (as we are only running ads to retarget existing customers, on average $10 – $15 per day is usually more than sufficient, but obviously this varies with different customers and industries)

How we do this:

  1. Track people who have already visited your site using a Facebook pixel and code added to your business website using Google Tag Manager.
  2. Build a custom audience. This can be discussed in detail but initially we will just use everyone who has visited your site (this is the focus of Facebook retargeting). As we move through the campaign we can get a lot more specific with this after we are able to start seeing how customers are responding to the retargeting.
  3. Run ads! We can test out different ads to compare how they perform to determine where we should focus. We can also discuss retargeting different pages to different customers depending on what pages on your website they have been browsing.
  4. Evaluate the responses to the adverts and make necessary adjustments
  5. Once we have identified what works we can scale it up!

This simple process will help us help you achieve the results that you are looking for to increase your ROI.