Facebook has evolved from a plain social platform to a far-reaching outpost that connects people in different places. It has made the world smaller for some, and it has made itself the biggest market for entrepreneurs.

Here we gathered tips on how to use Facebook for business in ways that will change your game on the market. These guidelines are here to minimize the burden and all the fuss you go through with your daily routine as an online entrepreneur.

The do’s and the dont’s of Facebook marketing.



   1     Create a business page.

It’s better for a first-timer to make a business page on facebook, not just to maximize your market, but also to avoid violating facebook rules. Hence, personal profiles are not made for commercial gain. Otherwise, all the efforts will be lost if the profile is taken down due to complaints.


   2     Check Facebook insights.

Make sure to check important details that will make your page move forward, such as the posts that work for you (videos, graphics/photos, text updates). Sort your post by reach; examine which posts get more audience, shares and trends.  And most important, BE ONLINE WHEN YOUR FANS ARE ONLINE.  Trust us when we tell you “timing is everything”.


   3     Mention/ tag/promote other businesses on your post every once in a while.

This is one way to get attention for your business, especially for starters. Name-tag not just on facebook, but also in other social media platforms you plan to use.


   4     Enhance your images

Your business’ page image is the face you want to promote to your target market. Take time to update images used on your page, be it your cover photo, profile picture, status updates. Make it a habit to change or update these images once a month or every 6-8 weeks. It will give a good impression towards your business.



   5     Put your page on autopilot.

This is tricky because almost everything is automated right now. It has been an option for busy entrepreneurs to automate posts and even responses. You may automate 20% of your page content, then give your post a personal touch, post updates about new products, company news, and informative videos. It works best if your fans/followers get the notion that you are “hands-on” with the business.


   6     Count the number of likes your page gets

Not only will this frustrate beginners, but it will give you a negative impression of your business. These figures don’t reflect sales yet, however, it would be better if you targeted the businesses that have liked your page. We are making a community of consumers/clients for your business.


   7     Rely on facebook alone

There is a bigger world out there, and being on facebook is just one step in getting your business to the top of the game. Community standards on facebook are always changing and we don’t have control over it unless it is your own website.

We give you two options: First, if you plan to supply consumers use Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram. Second, if your target is a bigger market or supply for businesses, explore LinkedIn, Twitter & Quota.


Have you found these tips useful? Please let us know in the comment section below.