Today, Google+ has 359 million active users around the globe as opposed to the 200 million active users on Twitter – a whopping 159 million difference. With a much larger number of users, it is evident that Google+ is an effective tool in promoting your brand.

There are 8 steps on how to effectively promote your business using Google+:

1 Claim authorship with your personal Google+ profile.

Authorship creates a connection between you and what you have published. It also helps you build authority and influence by helping readers determine your content at a glance.

There are 2 way in which you can claim you Google+ Authorship:

1     Register using the email of the domain you contribute to

2     It his highly suggested that you link your content to your Google+ profile if you contribute to multiple blogs.

Here’s how:

1     In the author bio in each of your blog posts, attach a link to your Google+ profile. It should look like this: https://plus.google.com/118321989430962111396?rel=author with a ?rel=author tag at the end.

2     In the About tab of your Google+ profile, you can see a Contributor Section. There you can add a link(s) for each blog you contribute to which then will appear in your author page.

Your Google+ profile picture will then appear next to your posts after you have claimed your Authorship. You can automatically see your picture beside your posts in the search results.

By looking at the Lab section of the Google Webmaster Tools, you can see the analytics of all the posts that are linked to your profile with Google+ Authorship.

The benefits of claiming your Google+ Authorship:

  • increase the chances of readers clicking on your posts
  • creates more authority for your content
  • provides insights which results in more readers

   2     Make a direct connection between your business website and your Google+ page.

The Google+ badge allows you to attach your Google+ page to your website. This translates to more page views on your Google+ page.

To let your audience follow your Google+ page without leaving your website, you will need to download the Google+ badge. After you have added the Google+ badge to your website, a Follow widget will appear in the search results next to your listings.

After you have connected your website to your Google+ page, the latest update will then appear in the search results, keeping your readers up to date and ensuring a good impression to visitors.

The benefits of connecting your website and Google+ page:

  • Increase the number of page views and followers
  • Make a positive impression as a business that has quality and authoritative content

   3     Start using hashtags

With the use of hashtags, you are able to reach more people other than your followers. Google+ will sometimes suggest hashtags for you if you don’t normally use hashtags. Should you choose a hashtag, make sure it is in line with your posts or updates.

   4     Express yourself with bigger, better cover photos.

Make sure to upload a remarkable design that is 2120 pixels wide by 1194 pixels high. You can do a lot of things just by uploading a bigger cover photo:

  • Avenue to promote a new product
  • Communicate your brand image
  • Advertise your physical store or your next event

   5     Use Google+ as your business page.

To gain more followers and page visits on your Google+ business page, you need to make a switch from your personal profile to your business profile with these easy steps: At the top right of the Google+ page, click on the drop down arrow next to your profile picture. Your business page will be listed under your active profile. Click on the business page and that’s it.

You can also use your Google+ page to +1 (similar to facebook’s ‘like’) or to comment on other people’s Google+ pages.

With the use of Google+, you can find the most active pages, whether they are personal profiles or communities, and start interacting with them to gain more followers and increase page views.

 6     Host Google+ hangouts

There are endless uses of the Google+ hangout. You can host interviews, panel discussions, webinars with up to 10 participant on video, meetings etc. You can also stream your videos on Youtube or upload it right after to increase video views and content.

Google+ hangout page enables you to see all the live hangout happening. You can find public hangouts and jump on in with their discussion or you can also create a hangout party.

   7     Join and create communities

As with facebook groups, you can join different Google+ communities that you find relevant to your business. If you cannot find the right community, you can create your own community using your Google+ profile.

Google+ communities has a great spam management system wherein they privately inform the moderator and wait for the approval instead of making it public. If you want to prevent spam, you can make your community private.

   8     Get local

Google+ enables customers to leave reviews on your local Google+ pages. This is important for local businesses because:

  • Google+ shows additional details, reviews and photos on the Google+ local pages.
  • When they search your business on google, Google+ local reminds the reader to review your business

•        Google+ local is striving to be a bigger resource for local businesses through their mobile app.