Link Building Process

In simple terms, this process will help you increase visitors to your website through increased organic traffic and increased referral traffic. This link building process is used to increase a business’s ranking in search engines such a Google so that when potential customers are searching for a business or product on google, they will find you. We achieve this by building a variety of links to your website.

What we will need:

  1. Access to your business analytics – so we can see how you are currently performing
  2. Access to Google Search Console – to see what keywords you are currently ranking for (of any)
  3. Updated and relevant content and articles to be provided when necessary

How we do this:

Firstly, we will create a Gmail account on behalf of the business owner. We will then use this account to reach out to potential link targets. We find it much easier to get responses to our outreach if people believe they are speaking to a business owner as opposed to a digital marketing service provider.

Next we will analyse your business analytics and search console to see where the best place to start building links would be. We will be looking to find your most popular pieces of content, if you have any keywords that are currently ranking but could do with a boost etc.

We will perform a content and link audit for the site to check for any issues that would be causing the site not to rank such as checking the anchor test ratio and analysing any incoming links you already have. We will make improvements where necessary.

Once I have done all this, we will begin with the most important task. This is performing outreach to potential targets that we have identified who will link back to your website. (This is what I will be using the Gmail address for as discussed above).

We will provide you with a link to a real time project tracker where you will be able to see everything that we have been doing on your campaign. This project tracker is where we will document potential link opportunities and list the links we have built.

This strategy is strictly white hat and is definitely the best long term strategy that you can invest in for your business. This will help connect your business site with people who are actively looking for the product or service that you are providing.

Typical links expectations:

This is completely dependent on the type of content we have, what your site is selling, and the reaction and attitudes of the targets being approached but we hope to average around 10 – 20 per month.

Imagine if your business started ranking on the first page of google. This link building process will help you get there and result increased traffic to your website!